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Rebranding your all-round chemical partner.

To support the growth of Treatex, your all-round partner for the packaging, repackaging, mixing, filling and storage of chemical liquids and powders, a new brand identity was developed, topped off with a beautiful website focussed on B2C markets.

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Turo Mobile App

Activity Type Vehicle Selection
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Project Overview

Turo helps its users ride with style by offering more than just a rental car, but a holistic rental experience. Turo spans many use cases for individuals who do not own a car and users who need one while away on holiday. But what about users who need a different car than the one they currently own?

I will address how Turo can create a pleasant booking experience for these individuals within the consideration phase of the sales funnel. The overall goal of which is to increase understanding of what vehicles Turo currently offers on its platform, and allow users to quickly evaluate what vehicle is best for them while on the home screen.
Research, Design, UserTesting
Project Files
Figma, Google Drive


With my goal in mind, I went about asking the questions that my user might be asking in their booking moment. Questions like: Does Turo have vans or trucks for me to rent? Where can I pick them up? How much will it cost? etc. These questions led me to three issues that became my focus for the user group I’ve identified

Designing for those who Consider

“During the Consideration stage, buyers have clearly defined the goal or challenge and have committed to addressing it. They evaluate the different approaches or methods available to pursue the goal or solve their challenge.”
Hubspot - “What is the buyers journey?”


I sourced typography, colors, and images from both Turo’s website and mobile application. Turo makes good use of cards on the website, and I decided to carry over both cards and location illustrations to create brand consistency across the platform.

The Results Are in

After designing my initial concept, I tested it to see if I had indeed designed an experience that helped users find a vehicle to help them move. I did this by pitting the current Turo home screen against my newly designed home screen.



Two Tests


Preferred my Redesign

User quote

“I love how it shows all categories up front and makes it easy for me to make my choices.”

User quote

“This option, to me, looks way more professional. The other one seemed cluttered and too full of ads.”